Why is a Banknote Sorter Essential for your Business?

What Is a Note Sorter?

A banknote sorter, or simply a note sorter is primarily an important equipment for handling cash. Note sorters can sort, count, and process cash for your business, especially if you are in an industry that handles large amounts of cash everyday. They will sort cash according to the classification of your business, and will sort according to denomination, currency, orientation, and quantity.

Depending on the type of sorters, high and poor quality bills can still be included in the pile. Added to that is the fact that they can help you minimise your incidences of receiving counterfeit bills and count discrepancies.

Finding the Right Note Sorter

An Australian note sorter has various functions depending on the size and type of your business. If you have a small business that receives smaller amount of cash daily, the basic type of bill sorter will be enough. However, if your company accepts a huge amount of money in daily transactions just like a restaurant, a casino, a bar, a movie theatre, or a financial institution, then a high-efficiency and multi-pocket bill sorter which can process more bills in a shorter period of time must be used.

A number of modern note sorter in Australia nowadays already have added features which allow recognition on different bill specifications including the type of materials used to make the banknote, the quality (new or used) of bills circulating in the market, and their sizes. Their are also some types that can detect counterfeits, count the number of notes to create a bundle, and sort note currencies accordingly.

Advantages of Using a Note Sorter

Having a banknote sorter readily available for your business is beneficial. However, it would also mean investing a reasonable amount of money for the device, based on its features. Investing in a note sorter or a cash solution package, as what some cash handling providers such as the Abacus Cash Systems offer, can save you a lot of deficits in the long run.


  • Accurate counting

Manual counting accuracy isn’t 100% flawless, you know that. Every miscount banknote, regardless of the value, means a lot for you or for your client. So, why not back your human counter with one of the efficient bill sorters in the market today?

  • Improve productivity

Especially if you are to use the high-end bill sorter, you will be spending lesser time on sorting and counting cash bills or recounting miscounted bills over and over again.

  • Save on money

Using note sorters won’t only cut longer hours of counting bills, but will also help you save money on paying extra people to do other tasks aside from sorting and counting bills at the end of the day. Aside from that, losses due to count discrepancies will be less likely to happen.

  • Protection from counterfeit

Some sorters are equipped with magnetic sensors to detect fake money. So, it is important that you get one for your counter.

Do a Little Research

Every note sorter is different. There are some sorter models which are made with high-end specs and functions, whilst there are those who only do the basic and menial work. These varying models are usually recognised through their prices.

Although you need to consider the cost of your bill sorter, you must not also neglect its counterpart. However, a lower cost may not be a precedent to a lower quality as well. That is why researching and comparing prices and brands is important before you decide to find note sorter online or in a brick and mortar. Or contact them directly at http://www.cashsystems.com.au/