Calling Your Leads for Better Marketing Results

Rejection should be seen as a pursuit to success. People should also see it as an inspiration to succeed. And if you fear being rejected or thinking that you need someone to call your leads, leave the job to us. has been in the network marketing business for over 20 years, with more than enough experience to say that rejection is a challenge! We call your MLM leads, like it was you who is calling them!

We call your mlm leads

We call your mlm leads

Living up or even exceeding your expectations is our goal. We have trained people to think like an owner and to feel like a customer – giving more importance on the tasks, so they can always stay on top of the game. We call your leads, saving your time and your effort to manage other important matters. Leave your lead-calling to us.

Our MLM call center has groups of experienced network marketers, who are knowledgeable in handling even the toughest of situations and talking to different types of customers. We give value for your time and money, making sure that we also get what you are aiming to achieve.

Call My Leads – YES, WE DO!

Before stepping your right foot forward, we call your MLM leads – let us show you how it is done and how we can work together. Let us plan and discuss it one by one. Like a basketball game, there should always be a game plan. We want you to be part of this adventure by knowing how many expected leads to call per hour, while leaving the entire job to us.

Effectiveness will be visible on how many “yes”” we can generate per month and on how many excited people are waiting to hear from you again. Of course, we have to know your target. We use your lead calling script to make sure that we are providing the right information you want to tell your customers.

Based on experience and on how many years we are in this field, the average of calls that can be generated would roughly range to 30-35 calls per hour. It can also depend on how long the script will be and how much time we could get our customers to stay on the phone.

It is already a fact that people might not be at home at all times. So, it is very advisable to get 100 hours per month or if possible – to let us call them back 3-5 times a day, in accordance to the city/state law permits for outbound dialing.

If it is 200 hours, the more constant that we can get more yes and positive feedback from your leads. The more, the merrier – as what they say.

Let’s Get Started!

Let us know how many hours you prefer as we call your MLM leads. Entrusting your money and time will be a bit risky, but talking to the right people will save you from that risky moments. Say goodbye to your anxious moments of picking up the phone, just to talk to your leads. Let us give them a “ring-ring” and you will be surprised on how many people we may lead to your business.